ShredX - Shredder aan het werk

Sliedrecht, 9th January, 2015


ShredX has developed an innovative hospital waste and garbage shredder. To demonstrate the shredding process, ShredX opened up the shredding chamber to shed some light on the turning blades, which normally work in the dark. It also videoed the output flowing away through a transparent sewage pipe, which one normally does not see either.

The video shows, without any cutting or pasting, a test following a testprotocol and the test is certified by a notary public. The video and the documents can be viewed through the links below. They clearly demonstrate the excellent working of the shredder.

Martijn Fikkers of ShredX comments: “The writer WF Hermans wrote a book, The Darkroom of Damocles, in which the main character knows something to be true, but finds it difficult to prove and convince others. In the dark shredding chamber of version 2.0 not a sword is hanging but sharp blades are turning. We thought it was good to shed some light in that darkness and opened up the chamber to show how well it functions. We hope you enjoy the video too.”

Earlier the version 2.0 received the Conformity Certificate by the Société Générale de Surveillance, a leading, worldwide operating surveyance and certification company, confirming the shedder meets the standards required in safety category D, under the Machine guideline 2006/42/EG, NEN EN ISO 12100-1:2010 Safety of Machinery, NEN EN ISO 138499-1 Safety Regulations for Programmable Equipment and Machinery and NEN EN ISO 13580:2008 Safety of Machinery Emergency Stop and Design Principals.

Since the end of 2013 ShredX has available the version 2.0 of its shredder. This shredder has been developed by ShredX for the processing of disposable plates, urinals, hospital waste and most categories of general household waste generated at hospitals or other care institutions. The shredder makes the waste ready for transport through the internal sewer system of the hospital, where it is further processed at a central installation. This installation treats and purifies this waste stream before it is reused or disposed of in the public sewer system.
The shredders are usually placed in the kitchen units of the hospital departments. Its functionality replaces both the traditional bedpan washer and several logistical waste movements in a hospital.
The reduction in waste transport movements and the way the shredder itself is operated significantly reduces the risk of contamination and infection in hospitals. The version 2.0 is a great step forward, where ShredX has integrated its years of experience with the version 1.0, developed fora project in the Reinier de Graaf hospital in Delft.
Each shredder is programmed by ShredX and tailored to accept the specific waste supply at each department. Stoppages and maintenance are thereby reduced to a minimum. During service and maintenance ShredX is able to optimize the software further to maximize output with a minimum of downtime. It is expected that further improvement can be realized as experience is build up with this and other hospitals.

For more information contact us through Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. or M. Fikkers, tel +31 184 496 752

Download the certified test protocol for shredder.

ShredX, the activities of which started in 2006, is a Dutch, privately owned designer and manufacturer of specialized shredders uniquely capable to cope with a heterogeneous and varying supply. It has production facilities in Sliedrecht, The Netherlands.

Its sister company de Jong Duke has over decades built a solid reputation as a world-wide supplier of reliable, durable and user-friendly coffee equipment and has proven to be a loyal partner to some of the most successful companies in the coffee industry. Duke has great expertise in electronic control- and connectivity systems. Its other sister company, Technics, has a century of experience in precision metalworking for the shipbuilding industry with which it has long-standing relationships.

Operating on the interface between these two areas of expertise, ShredX has been able to develop its shredder which straddles these fields.